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Jason is a great guy and knows his stuff. It’s not just a quick fix, but he listens to the whole picture and gives you some lifestyle changes that can can help remedy the problem; may be exercises, eating habits, detoxing, etc. It’s a good place to take care of any chiropractic needs.

Robby S.

Dr. Frichtl has been helping my family for over 12 years! We love him!

Michelle E.

Jason gave me a quick adjustment yesterday afternoon and this morning I feel a million times better. Thanks!!

Phil R.

Dr. Frichtl helped me with my gastro problem as well neck and back pain. He was always caring and a great listener. I will continue to go to him for adjustments. He keeps my active lifestyle going!

Pat G.

Dr. Frichtl has been assisting our family with health care needs for the last 14 years. I feel healthier today than ever. Thank you for all your good advice. He always answers are concerns in a timely fashion. So good to have a health professional that we can trust.

Susan T.

I would recommend the Frichtl clinic to anyone, he is a great doctor!

Mimi M.

He is AMAZING. I travel from SC to see him every time I come home and do email consults.

Poy S.

Dr. Frichtl is absolutely the best!! He truly cares about each patient, and he listens and also helps us to understand why things are happening and what we can do to improve the situation. He goes above and beyond to help his patients! He has helped me in so many ways for so many years. Thank you Dr. Frichtl!!

Deania T.

Jason is one of the greatest in his field!! He has been treating our family for many years and us always there for us in a pinch. So if you need adjusted, or help with any medical issue go to him first!!!

Shelly B.

Dr. Frichtl is the best!!! He cares so much about each & every patient and all people in general. He wants everyone to have the best health possible & goes the extra mile to make it happen.

Brenda M.
(217) 342-0311